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Leadership Reflection & Discussion Question(s)

Describe your three greatest accomplishments to date. What made these accomplishments stand out for you?

What have you incorporated from your current actions from your past accomplishments?

What attributes of role models do you
admire and most appreciate?

Who are, or have been, your greatest role models?

What are the five most positive things in your life?

List five adjectives that describe you at your best.

What energizes you?

What are you most wanting to achieve
in the next three years?

What would you like to contribute to the world?

and more!

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Leadership Resources & Unified Operations

We've listened to feedback and established a protected  leadership resource library.

Our developing library mitigates friction  throughout our leadership succession & on-boarding experience.

while supporting the continuous growth, contribution and development of active community leaders

Resource 1:

Resource 2:

Resource 3:

Resource 4:

Resource 5:

And more!

Audiences include sitting & active: Local Leaders, Local Advisors, National Leaders  & National Advisors

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National & Local Leadership Teams:

Local Experience Leads

Local Experience Advisors

National Experience Leads

National Experience Advisors

<More Coming Soon!>


KTE 2017-2018 Leadership Team

Alex Cabinian

National Secretary

Bas Hoppenreijs

National Treasurer

Michael Cherry

National Presidential Advisor

Zach Hutcheson

National President

Ryan Davis

National Vice President

Margo McClintic

National Document Control

Michelle Endsley

National Webmaster

Amyra Reyes

National PR & Marketing

Brandon Eng

Mentorship Coordinator

Mary-Kate Wintz

National Recruitment