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to activate students seeking professional experience(s) in the workforce through recurring community growth, scholarship, and contribution opportunties, so that universities across country may minimize friction between student leaders in pursuit of academic, social and professional excellence,

without exhausting campus resources.

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Proactive local and national leaders designing and encouraging experiential learning opportunties, towards the shared believe the key student’s fulfillment and success is strong academic growth paired with practical and applied knowledge.

Unifying programs, experiences and people so that we may offer a catalog of valuable stories and opportunties for community engagement and growth.

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Leadership Resource Library


Coordinate listening between students, university administration and industry employers so that we may design and offer experiences including:

  • Co-op 101/Campus Speaking Engagement(s)
  • Industry Panel/Info Session(s)
  • Member & Leadership Induction/Open Social(s)
  • Seasonal/Annual, Conference & Convention(s)

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Mission Statement


Our mission is threefold:

To honor outstanding, career-driven students, connect them with employers, and support the advancement of experiential learning at the university level.

KTE Leadership - Meet & Apply!

Share introductions with our leadership teams, and learn how to apply, grow and further contribute.


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KTE offers value to two distinct audiences:

  1. University campuses where co-operative education serves as a core tenant, KTE chapters encompass diverse student leaders united by a passion to continuously grow themselves and others by supporting students, employers and administration through sharing their growth and lessons learned as a result of proactively pursuing experiential learning. <Sample Drexel Chapter>
  2. University campuses where experiential learning constitutes a smaller community of students, or has been seen previously as an unconventional educational path for some time, KTE offers support towards enabling early development of experiential based learning process, people and programs . <Sample OSU Chapter>

Regardless of where they go to school, KTE members exemplify scholarship, industrial ability, breadth of interest, and adaptabilitythe keys to a successful foray into their careers.

Distinguished through academic excellence, professional growth and social impact through leadership, our KTE community recognizes, learns from and supports high caliber student leaders throughout their career, so that they too may turn around and contribute knowledge gained through shared experience(s).