Mission Statement


Kappa Theta Epsilon is the only national honor society devoted to excellence in experiential learning.

Our mission is threefold:

To honor outstanding, career-driven students, connect them with employers, and support the advancement of experiential learning at the university level.

KTE functions in two distinct ways:

In universities where co-operative education is a core tenet, the KTE chapter comprises students of all areas of study who are united by a passion for their career development. Members truly stand out among their peers–both to employers, who must distinguish not only talent but an overall good worker in their co-op hires, and to the university, which looks to members as leaders in student professionalism and career development.

Take Drexel University for instance. Drexel has a long standing tradition of promoting cooperative education. Check out the Drexel Facebook page.

In universities where experiential learning constitutes a smaller community of students, frequently in the engineering field, KTE primarily connects and engages the best of these students. In these universities, cooperative education may be considered an unconventional education path, so KTE steps in to develop and highlight the numerous advantages. Members also promote cooperative education to their peers and university at large.

The Ohio State University is one of these universities. Check out the OSU website.

Regardless of where they go to school, KTE members exemplify scholarship, industrial ability, breadth of interest, and adaptabilitythe keys to a successful foray into their careers. And regardless of what grades alone, the job forecast, and even conventional college wisdom say, employers know that good co-ops make good employees.