Kappa Theta Epsilon Honor Society 501(c)3

Founding A Chapter



Kappa Theta Epsilon is filled with talented, smart, driven students and professionals from across the country. Each member has performed at the top of his/her class and have exceeded expectations on coops or internships. Experiential learning blends the fundamentals studied in the classroom with real world experience, which is invaluable for new university hires. Employers know good coops make good employees. It is KTE’s mission to promote experiential learning and bring together outstanding, career-driven students with employers. Starting a university chapter will show your university’s support and dedication to experiential learning and producing some of the world’s finest professionals.

10 Reasons to Start a KTE Chapter at Your School

  1. Create a community for peers who are enrolled in work & taking classes
  2. Have fun and exciting events such as Ice Cream Socials, Massage Therapy
  3. Host meetings to aid in developing your professionalism (Creating a portfolio, etc.)
  4. Social Networking- Meet and interact with fantastic people
  5. Learn more about different internship/ cooperative education experiences that you can do.
  6. Develop leadership skills and make a difference in your community
  7. Get recognized for the work you do
  8. Share with others your work/ internship experiences
  9. Become a National Officer
  10. Attend the National Convention!!

Steps to Forming a New Chapter of Kappa Theta Epsilon:

I. Petitioning the Society for Membership

In this step, you will determine if your school is eligible to form a chapter, determine how interested students are in forming a chapter, and gather and submit information about your school and its Cooperative Education / Internship Program to the Kappa Theta Epsilon National Executive Council.

II. Organizing a Prospective Chapter

Now that your petition for membership has been accepted, you would start to organize interested students. Each chapter shall have an Executive Council, which shall consist of officers and Faculty Advisor(s). The Executive Council shall perform duties specified in the Society’s or Chapter’s Bylaws.

III. Chapter Induction

The final step in the process is to induct the members into the society, and to formally establish a Chapter at your school.
Once you have members inducted, those members can proceed to induct others at your school. Also, once your College/University is a recognized Chapter of Kappa Theta Epsilon Society, they must annually comply with the “Accountabilities of a Recognized Kappa Theta Epsilon Chapter in Good Standing.”